Capturing "The New Song & Sound"

FLOW—The establishing of the musical genre of "Flow" based on the New Song and Sound.

I) The ministry of Project 7th Trumpet captures the spontaneous flow of the New Song and Sound during remote gatherings both at the gathering facility in North Carolina and in locations around the world.

Ken has released 15 CD's in the past 20 years but it is the last 6 (Return to Zion Vol. 1-6) that have focused solely on the new emerging sound and spontaneous compositions that flow from the heavenly realm during times of worship gatherings. (Volumes 5 and 6 are due to be released on digital distribution by the end of 2014! But they are available by contacting us!) You can also follow our Facebook page (Sounds Direct from the Throne Room) for free downloads of compositions and other sound/songs captured around the world! 

FREE DOWNLOAD of a Spontaneous Song/Composition:                              Shalom (9.20.2012)

II) Ken Soltys Ministries in affiliation with Multi Media Group International, Inc., also facilitates the production of new songs that are Kingdom based at the P7T (Project 7th Trumpet) facility.  Production includes groups and individuals desiring production of media/music with options in production methods.

FREE DOWNLOAD of a Kingdom Worship Song produced at our facility:   To The Lamb (June 2014)

Take a moment and visit our facility by clicking on the link below! If you desire to create a production at our facility, please don't hesitate to contact us!

The MMGI Production Facility at The Paz Center


Control Room at the P7T Production Facility at "The Paz Center"! See more pictures and description of facility by clicking on the picture or the title above!