Ministry Description

Project 7th Trumpet is a ministry of Ken Soltys Ministries, Inc. This prophetic ministry conducts services, gatherings, seminars and conferences highlighting often the teachings from "By Order of the King" Seminar series.  These teachings include:

  • Empowerment of the individual and strengthening of the Body through revelation teaching and insights about the truth of the believer's, "Identity in Christ"!
  • Empowerment of the Body and the Kingdom through teaching and insights of, "The Kingdom Order of Government and Worship"!
  • Empowerment through, "Times of the manifestation and demonstration of the Spirit of the Lord!",  with the use of media/sound/music and direct ministery. The emphasis and focus is on impartation into the Body of Christ!

Visit our YouTube Channel, "Return to Zion - Times of Empowerment", to hear Ken and Elva share insights and teachings in English and Spanish with sound and music! A highlight on this channel is the 6 video series, "You are Royalty - The Truth of Your Identity Revealed"!

 Samples of music can be heard from Ken on any major music digital distribution outlet! (i.e. iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc...) Just go to their sites and type in, "Ken Soltys" in the search box. Here is a direct link to Ken on iTunes: KEN ON iTUNES

A Free Download of a song not yet released as of October 2014! It is our gift to you!  GREAT KING OF GLORY! (Click on title to download)

For Information regarding scheduling, please contact us directly via email or phone! Email - or Our number is: (001)(706)897-2873.

Countries where teaching, seminars, conferences have taken place as of September 2014: United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, South Korea, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Israel.

View a pictorial of the ministry in the nations in this video: